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Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Tennis Match Experience

The other day I was thinking about the last few months and about how God prepares me during this time of Advent. Thinking of all the little things He has tossed my way this last few months I had an image of a tennis match. I know, it sounds crazy, but here goes..

Here's what I saw..God on one side, me on the other. A nice, friendly game, right God! :) I'm not much of an athlete, let alone a tennis player, and I think a backhand is something I got for talking back to Dad...

Anyhow, the ball starts heading my way..we go back and forth a bit..God is not a power server. He's content to lob it on over to my side. So I get a little more confident..a little more cocky with each successful return. Score: Love - Love

This is too easy. This lobbing back and forth..I want more than this! I wanna put some spin on the ball! I start to listen to the murmur of the crowd..they are watching..this match between me and God. Me? and God? And hey, I'm in this? I haven't lost yet..I did pay a lot of money for this fancy skirt and bouncy shoes...and what the heck..I'll just take a peek at the crowd..see if they are watching me or Him...

Wha??? Hey?!?!? I missed one. He's not lobbing anymore. They are coming faster. I can't keep up. I look at the score board. I look at the crowd..their faces are knowing. I'm sweating. God is standing there waiting for me to hit the ball back to Him..but now, when I serve, it's heading to the side court. I'M NOT PLAYING HIM! No Way! I'll lose for sure! Wait! I want to play God! The other player smiles. That's why you are playing me, He says.

I look back towards God..Then I realize that when I was paying attention to what God was lobbing at me, when I kept my "eye on the ball" that he was sending over we had a good game. The score was tied..Love-Love..huh?

Love-Love..He lobbed it over, I returned it..Love - Love. It was good. Not that it was easy..God is no push over, there were some corner shots, but with my eye on the ball and my head in the game, I could make a successful return.

This Advent season has taught me to keep my eye on the ball, so to speak. Stay focused on God. I don't know if makes any sense, just some random thoughts about Advent. I liked the score, Love-Love.

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