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Friday, December 4, 2009

Week in Review

Mr. Big Boy's new T-shirt

Mr. Middle Man models our new Oreck

The calm before the storm

A treat for good grades!

On the Hayride at the Christmas Festival

"Snow" in the South!!

Mr. Pinch & Pannini havin' tons o' fun in the "snow"


Sarah - Kala said...

We got that shirt for Inch. ;)

Sarah - Kala said...

Did your canister vac come with more attachments . . . like, a longer hose connection piece? Just curious. Mine did, but I wonder if yours had since there may be differences in what you actually get at the Oreck dealer as with Target.

Dawn said...

Sarah- yes, it came with all the attachments that come with the Oreck xl silver. It's the exact same vacuum and pacakage just made in a different color for Target. Oreck store will do all the service as long as we register it with them.

Our Family said...

GMAC saw the T-shirt, and blew Jesus a kiss and said it's her brothers! That is Inch's favorite T-


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