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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On Vacuuming

Thanks for all the comments on MAC's. My hubby is against it. But I keep all these comments in mind as we ponder our next computer purchase.

Today, we needed something else. One year ago I purchased a brand new vacuum. A Eureka Altima. Bagless. Cute little dusting wand attachment and everything. 12 Amps! It shouted.

Little did I know, those 12 amps would blow dust around my house like a mini tornado in Kansas. This has been the worst vacuum I have ever owned. It's wreaked havoc on my hubby's allergies and just done absolutely nothing, if not even harmed, my carpets. I was regretting ever throwing out the ancient Kirby Heritage II we had. It was by far the best vacuum we had ever used. But because it needed more than just a recondition we had to let her go.

It's time to get out the Christmas decorations. This means time for me to do some good fall cleaning. I do that twice a year. I was sitting at my table looking at that Eureka and feeling depressed. I hated wasting my money, didn't want to waste anymore but I needed something that was gonna keep these dern carpets o'mine clean.

After talking it over with friends and family, it came down to Dyson vs. Oreck. (The new Kirby's were outta my budget.) Off we go to the Oreck store. Lo' and behold, they had a Dyson DC14 in the store that we could use as a comparison. First look at the yellow beast and I saw a filter similar to the one on my Eureka. Not to mention when you hit the button to open the cup, it's spring loaded. The vacuum debris shoots out everywhere. The Oreck is not cheap. The salesman was trying to sell us the big daddy edition for $600. I was leaning towards the one speed medium daddy edition at $400. She wouldn't even do a demo on it for us. So we headed off to Target to "compare" prices. Well, shine my shoes! Oreck has made a series of vacuums just for Target! They are the same vacuums as the XL Classic and Silver at $100 cheaper. They have the same service and warranty plus free handheld and free bags, but come in black instead of baby blue. (Oreck doesn't give you any bags, you have to buy the pack of 8 for $40)

We headed back to the Oreck store to find out what the deal was. (By the way, the Oreck store is two stores down from Target.) Our saleslady was not happy. Yes, it's the same vacuum. She could give us the same price as Target but she just can't understand why Oreck would do that to her. Sell her vacuum at Target!

Long story short, hubby decided he liked the black better than the blue and off we went to Target. I vacuumed the downstairs last night. Beautiful. No dust shooting everywhere! The suction is great, even on the hardwood! It didn't shoot anything back out at me! It's light and easy to carry. Plus I saved $100! It's not the top o' the line Oreck, but it's still got a 3 year warranty and one free service.

My Eureka beast is out on the curb crusted in ice from the frost last night. I have no hard feelings. It's where it belongs. In the trash.


SAHMinIL said...

I happen to have a dyson and love it! As for the dust flying when opening the canister...You don't get that if you hold the bag around it, or hold it deep into the garbage can. That's why I tend to vacuum in the mornings when the garbage can is empty. I've had my dyson for the last 4 years and it still vacuums like it did on the first day. I hope you enjoy your Oreck and good for you on shopping around for the best price.

Sarah - Kala said...

I'd have gone to Target, too. That sales lady should have made the sale. A sale is still a sale. Why send your customer to Target? What a dumbass. I went to the store in Hanover (MD) and they were awesome. The one downtown Honolulu are really nice, too. Of course, the Target deal is new . . . I remember (now) seeing them in a commercial.

Good on you. Hope you have at least three years of trouble free hoovering.

Maurisa said...

LOVED my Oreck. Our kids were a little too hard on it and we had to get it serviced at least once a year at about $80 a pop. I let my MIL talk me into a Hoover. I've hated this vacuum since day one. I'm going back to Oreck the moment I get a chance.

I've got an opinion on everything, don't I?!

Dawn said...

SAHM, my sis also has a dyson and loves it as well. I suppose the bad experience with the bagless beast Eureka has left me gunshy. Sarah..For that amount of money I better get more than 3 years outta this baby.
Maurisa..go get 'em! I love your opinions! Keep 'em coming!

Mary B said...

Just discovered your blog. Loved this post! I'll keep it in mind when I need a new vacuum and I will certainly visit Target!! Thanks.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Gotta throw a monkey wrench into the works. My mother has an Orek and I hate it!! It does not clean close to walls at all. I want one tool to do all of the job and not to have to change mid stream to get the job done.
It does have great suction and it does clean the middle of the room nicely, but with those brushes it has along the side, I cannot get it clean up to the walls. I bought a Hoover windtunnel about a year ago and really do not like it either. Wonder if there is really a machine that will get the job done that is actually in our budgets.

Sarah - Kala said...

gramma to many has a point . . . but I guess that's why they give you that canister vac. I don't mind. I make one hoover the room and one chase with the canister. I also do it myself and it is a bit time consuming, but I still can't find a bag vacuum that does it all either.

I noticed the NEX has the Oreck, too.

Sarah - Kala said...

I guess my main point is that service is right there available if you encounter the need. There's a store locally that can fix it; just like when you had the other machine. I don't think Dyson has that. If it busts what do you do? It would have cost more than the OReck, right? It's about time folks figure out consumers want a good machine to last a long bloody time.


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