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Friday, January 29, 2010

I finally did it!

I managed to save $20.00 at the commissary today!!! Turning what would have been a $270 bill into a $250 bill!! Plus, I saved big on the tip for the baggers as I employed my two boys to do the job! Hooray! I am exhausted but so dern happy I had to blog about it!

I even managed to hold off the commissary shopping until we were down to bare bones. No milk for 4 days! No bread for a week! We were being extremely creative in the kitchen this week. I finally broke down today when the kids balked at buckwheat pancakes. (They were a little dry, but a friend had given us the box and there was no cereal and no milk..even so, I won't be buying that one anytime soon)

I am going to start doing the coupon thing in earnest. Although the commissary does not double coupons, I am happy to save as much as possible. I'd love to be able to get stuff for free, but I don't have time to go around to all the neighborhood shops and score the deals. I'll save where I can at the commissary!

Anyhow, long blog post for really just a big ol' slap happy hoorah! I saved a bunch of money on my groceries!


PattyinCT said...

Dawn! So excited for you! I know how exciting that can be! And no matter where you go, if your commissary is anything like ours, you're still ahead even if they don't do the gimmicks like "doubling coupons" etc. They raise the price a dollar and then give you an extra fifty cents off. Sheesh!
Anyway! *high five* You go girl!!!

Therese said...

I love saving money! I have become kind of obsessed with it-I even have a spreadsheet to keep track of it!

Aussie Therese said...

I love love love saving money too. We don't have a coupon system in Australia but I am aware from friends online how it works.

We keep all our spending on a spreadsheet too and I like looking and seeing what makes us spend and what helps us save.

Dawn said...

Thanks Patty! Therese and Therese..I'm not so organized as to keep a spreadsheet but I sure won't let my hubby read this or he'll be off creating one before noon! :) Thanks!

Good Remedy said...

Hello, Just found your blog from the Catholic Mothers Online list.

I homeschool too and love saving money on groceries! Found this site from another Catholic Homeschool mom:

and love it. Better than clipping coupons! Used to do that too, but just can't find the time now.

Have enjoyed reading your blog! Happy Shopping and Saving.


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