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Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union

I did watch the State of the Union(SOTU) last night. Much has been said about it, good and bad. I wasn't watching it for any "political" reasons. I didn't expect much "change" in what Obama was going to say. Folks were pondering whether or not he would lean towards the "center". I don't think he could do that now without making himself look fake.

Which is why I decided to post on this. Like I said, I didn't watch it for political reasons. I don't expect him to change is ideologies overnight or because of one lost Senate seat. I watched because I was "hoping" to see the "man". The person. Barack Obama. I have a title on my sidebar.."Just who is this guy?" The talk of him being disconnected from the American people is spot on.

It really irked me that he only looked at the "American People" once during his 70 minute speech. His head swivels left and right..but never at us. The viewers. Hey! Aren't you talking to us? I wondered. So I decided to do a little research on past SOTU addresses. I watched addresses by the last 4 Presidents. G.W, Clinton, G.H.W.B and Reagan. They all addressed congress in the "left to right" fashion. Okay, so I was feeling like I was just blowing it out of proportion. Still, something bothers me about Obama's addresses. I continued to watch these other presidents and realized it's not where they look that made me interested. It was the way they said what they said. Even Clinton, of whom I am no fan, had a character to his voice that made you listen. Last night, I had trouble keeping my eyes open during Obama's address and I noticed even good ol' Harry Reid had to stifle a yawn. Obama is boring. In my opinion, his voice lacks any quality of character. The only reason I sat up in my seat was to keep from falling asleep.

Lots of folks have lauded him on his speech abilities, but I beg to differ. He doesn't sound, to me, like he is genuine. Like he really means it.

Okay. These are just my observations. Whatever your political affiliation, I think both sides of the aisle were having trouble staying awake and interested. Where is his character? What am I not seeing that this guy supposedly has? I don't see charisma or charm like Clinton, "fatherly wisdom" like Reagan or even good ol' southern determination like G.W. Does it even matter? I think it does. We need a reason to trust this guy and instead of giving me a warm fuzzy that our great Country is on the rise, I get the heebie jeebies when I think of whose in charge.

Your thoughts?

C-Span SOTU videos


+JMJ+ said...

Hi Dawn, I too have a disconnect with him. I didn't watch last night as the kids and I had a movie we rented.

Thanks for motivating me to follow up today.

PattyinCT said...

Hi Dawn!
Obama is only excitable when he's allowed to spend other people's money, not when he has to answer for it.

WingletDriver said...

Disconnect is a perfect word to describe him.

Ugh, just noticed I'm using my husbands account again.

It's me,

Sarah - Kala said...

*yawn* . . . what?
He does not interest me. Disconnect is the perfect word. He's posturing. I can't stand it.


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