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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

March For Life 2010

In some of the pictures from the March you can see how far down Constitution people are..and they just kept coming for 3 hours!


Sarah - Kala said...

No wonder it too so bloody long for you to post pictures; making a video! It's great, by the way!!!! I love the pics of family w/ the new nephew! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

PattyinCT said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting this Dawn! Our prayers were answered on such a miraculously beautiful day (which it was supposed to be snowing and sleeting the entire March, thanks be to God someone up there was helping us stand strong:)

Dawn said...

Sarah- It was easier to do the little video..rather than a huge post of uploaded pics..
Patty - Wish we could have met up there..maybe next year! :)

Mike in CT said...

What a beautiful baby!

My five year old took our pictures, so we've got lots of shots of the ground, crooked blurry photos of his siblings, etc. It's adorable.

Thanks for being there, hopefully we'll meet up next time. (Though wouldn't it be great if there weren't a next time?)

Dawn said...

Amen to that Mike!

Grace said...

I wish I could have attended the March for Life this year :( But I'm never going to stop praying rosaries for an end to the Holocaust!

Jesus is always King and Mary's Heart Triumphs!



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