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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In With the New, Out With the Old

Sarah Kala over at "the road" has reminded me once again of things that need to be done. I've got some clearing out to do. We started rearranging yesterday and putting up Christmas decorations. They are all going upstairs in that ridiculously large closet of mine. We are turning the extra bedroom downstairs into an office. It doesn't get used much as a bedroom anyhow.

I need to get through the filing cabinet, clean it out and re-organize it. Labels and all. I am so not! a label person, but it needs to be done.

I twisted a tendon in my ankle last week and it is still bothering me. Went to the doc yesterday and got the RICE talk. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Hard to do when you need to get things moving around the house. 8 years ago I severely sprained it, resulting in a casting. Took a step down and landed wrong. Doc says I should have had physical therapy to strengthen it at that time. I didn't. Needless to say I have numerous problems with that ankle. So this time, I've been referred to Physical Therapy.

It was really bad last evening. I was on my feet all day yesterday and it was just swollen and aching. Ugh. I. need. to. be. able. to. get. around! I've got school starting up this week, work on Friday and our ladies group kickoff function to coordinate and run on Thursday. So, we'll see what gives.

Mmmmmm. My coffee is tasty this morning. The other morning as I was letting out the doggie, I noticed a cardinal in the trees behind the fence. So I've been going out every morning to try and spot him. Brrrrr..it's cold! my jammies are still warming up. But it's such a pleasant experience to watch him fly through the trees. His red feathers so bright against the drab browns of the deadwood surrounding me. Even his song is so different and interesting. It's worth a few minutes of cold. I've got to find a way to get him to land in my yard! :)(then I could watch from the window..inside the house!) Any suggestions?

Anyhow, the sun is coming up and I must start this day. Blessings to you all!


nick said...

You want the Cardinal to land in your yard, put sunflower seeds out there!!

Sarah - Kala said...

What Nick said, and, . . . DO NOT MOVE ONE IOTA. They are not in your face birds . . . they will fly away at the slightest movement. Put some feeders near your porch, but not too close to you.

Have fun!

Oh, what Peter says about closets and all this "storage space" is very funny. You know me, I read the book in one go so I wasted no time in reading it and then getting into action mode. HE said many people think they need a bigger house, but it's only for their stuff! They never change their habits of keeping stuff for (sentimental reasons, it's something you put money into etc.) whatever reason that they no longer need, want, use . . . So, if you purge that stuff, you'll feel better.

I'm doing it and it feels fantastic! My home office is in my room (which Peter says is a no-no 'cos the master bedroom is a sanctuary of sorts) but I want it here and it won't hamper our bedroom at all. I will finish up the office stuff as I clear out and organize my crafting carts, which I'll be doing today and putting them under the stairs. THe dining room will look so much cleaner. Before/after pics will be posted on my blog much later. Maybe tomorrow

Gotta go put the kids on the bus!

Anonymous said...

Definitely go with the sunflower seeds...works for me here in PA and worked very well in Missouri before we moved here. Good luck with the organizing and sorting. I need to get inspired in that area.
Do your physical therapy...it will be worth it in the long run.


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