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Monday, January 18, 2010

Nine years ago...

very early in the morning, my little Mr. Pinch came into the world. Surprising us all with her blond hair and oh so fair skin. I shared this awesome experience with my sister and my 3 other lovelies. Hubby was floating out somewhere in the Pacific and biting his nails waiting for news. (He returned from deployment 3 months later)

She's my diva extraordinaire..her giggles are infectious...she's joyful and happy and just exactly everything a 9 year old is supposed to be. Innocent. She loves her sister and brothers and God. Her favorite saints are Saint Cecilia, Saint Bernadette and Saint Therese. Her favorite food is tacos. Soft, burrito style. Her favorite color is green. Her favorite hobby is playing Webkinz. She likes to read, Little Women sits on her bedside table. She likes laser tag and swimming. Her favorite animal is the good ol' dog, Yorkshire Terriers and Welsh Corgi's to be specific. Her favorite movie is The Phantom of The Opera. Her favorite song is "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. Her favorite superpower is flying and invisibility. (Wonder Woman anyone?) She's not much of a t.v fan. She prefers water to soda pop. She's a candy fiend. She wants to live on a island with her sister one day. She plans on being roommates with her sister forever and ever. She's great at Wii Resorts Cycling and Swordplay. She creams the rest of the family! Knocked Dad off the platform with a vengeance! (yes, he pouted)

She's got a great smile and a horrible whine! I love her tons and tons. Happy Birthday Mr. Pinch!

Some pics of Mr. Pinch through the years...


Sarah - Kala said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Pinch!!! Many years!!!

Mary333 said...

A Happy Birthday to Mr. Pinch :) The pictures are adorable!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, TROUBLE!!!!

Love, Auntie M and Uncle R


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