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Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm Movin' Out!

Over breakfast this morning my oldest girl begins to lament the state of her room. The one she happens to share with Mr. Pinch, my youngest girl. It is in a most disastrous state at this moment.

(The plan is that the two will remain roommates forever. Oldest daughter going to work and making the money..Mr. Pinch (aptly named) will stay home and keep the house. Oh, the dreams of youth.)

As I eat my yummy yummy pancakes, listening to the lamentations of my oldest daughter, she throws this bit in,

"If she is going to be the one staying home to clean house..we're going to need a maid!"

I just found that to be very funny. Very true indeed.


PattyinCT said...

Hahahah! That was great!

Mary333 said...

Funny! My daughter can make a mess quicker than I can pick up. When I ask for her help you would think I asked her to jump off a cliff or something!

Molly said...

That was pretty funny.


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