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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Margie's Moments

Praying for a sick person and how the Blessed Mother reveals the powers of your soul.

Very recently I got an email from a dear friend I had not heard from in a few months. She had been in remission from cancer for a few years.
She told me that she was on a transplant waiting list. Her tone in the email was hopeful.

I told her I would pray for her and so I did. I DVR the Holy Rosary on EWTN so I have several copies of it from throughout the week. I chose one of the recordings and it was the Sorrowful mysteries. I paused the recording and thought about how I could "properly" pray the Rosary for a person who is ill. I didn't quite have it planned out when I began but as the prayer unfolded it took on it's own life. I began with the Garden scene. I settled into the recitation. The crowning with thorns brought more vivid meditations of suffering. Then the scourging. When I came to carrying the cross there she was. My friend. Trying to help Jesus pick up the cross. Not being very good at it either. He fell and she got very close to Him on the ground and touched his face. When she saw the blood on her hands the look on her face was one of final understanding. She followed along
and ended up at the foot of the cross. As Jesus gives up his life she is pressing her forehead to the wood of the cross and blood trickles down to touch her skin.

It was a beautiful meditation and I look forward to praying another rosary for her.

The rosary is a powerful prayer. Mary leads you to places that you might not expect and to some places that you know very well. She shows you the value and power of your soul. And it is powerful stuff, make no mistake about that.


Mum2eight said...

wonderful reflection Dawn. Praying for Margie here too.

Dawn said...

Therese, thanks for the comment. This is a post from Margie..she's a guest blogger here from time to time. She's pretty dern good! This is just what I needed today too. She must have read my mind.


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