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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday! Oh Boy!

I don't know if I still have any readers out there..it's been a while since I posted anything worth reading. It's been a busy busy busy busy week!
3 of the kiddos are performing in the Missoula Children's Theater production of Pinocchio today. MCT is a traveling drama program. They come in on a Monday and rehearse all week to show on Saturday afternoon. 4.5 hours every night. It's intense but the kids love it.

My oldest finally begins work on his Eagle project today. He will be at the site with his father all day. His project has him building a 40X60 4' picket fence for a center for mentally disabled adults. Currently, they have no yard where they can safely go. The building is behind a local elementary school and about 300 ft from a main intersection. The fenced area will allow them and the staff to freely enjoy the outdoors without fear of anyone wandering away. It's a big project, he's only raised half of what he needs to complete it. He has two back to back fundraisers tomorrow. So far, God (and St. Joseph) have been so good to him. We dealt with a wonderful assistant manager at Lowes, Edna, she donated 20 of the 60 2x4's he needs for bracers. Hallelujah! Home Depot has not returned his call or replied to his letter. He still needs something close to 400 pickets, the rest of the braces and the gate hardware. I know the good Lord will provide.

Today they are setting the posts and next weekend they will put up the pickets, God willing. I am so proud of him. Watching him talk to different store managers and on the phone with the board at the center, the many volunteer adults and several priests and deacons. He has grown leaps and bounds during this project and his confidence is only increasing every day. Today is the real test of his leadership. He will have to coordinate volunteers and ensure the posts are set correctly. He has to take pictures for his workbook and make sure his volunteers are adequately hydrated and fed. And he has to do it all over again next week. You go Boy!
I promised him a while ago, when he successfully completes his Eagle project and earn the rank of Eagle, I would take him to get his permit and start teaching him to drive. DRIVE! Drive? What was I thinking!?!?!??! :) I love that boy.

I will have many pics to post later from the play. #2 boy is an urchin. Street kid..baaaaaad. #1 Girl is part of Candlewick's (Lampwick in the Disney production) crew. Also baaaaaad. She gets to wear some leatha! Mr. Pinch is part of the Pleasure Isle kids. More baaaaaaaaaaaaad little girls and boys who don't want to go to school..guess what happens to them all? Yep..Donkey's..or as Lampwick would say, "a Jackass". I guess you can't use that word with the kids..but it's so true.

The cast is fabulous..the directors are even better and I can't wait to see the final production. I only wish I had a video camera.

Off to bake cookies for Mr. Soon-to-be Eagle Scout's bake sale tomorrow. Keep us folks in your prayers, as you are all always in mine.


Mum2eight said...

All your posts are worth reading Dawn and I am still reading here. When you post, I see it in my reader.

The play sounds fun although I don't think any of my children would cope with 4.5 hours.

Grace Marie said...

I'm still reading... just haven't been commenting regularly, but surely will get back to that!

Wow, that's a lot of happenings, God bless you and your family in your projects and everything else!

Dawn said...

Thanks ladies! You are awesome! The play was fantastic. I am such a proud momma right now. I'll get the pics posted tonight..we're off to celebrate with dinner out!


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