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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Return to paradise...

The drive home from the islands (I just love calling them that, it makes me feel like I went on an exotic vacation) was long, hot and tiring. Temps reached 105 on Friday and my poor car a/c was pushing hard to keep us all cool.

15 minutes from home I called the hubby to let him know we were almost home. He says to me "oh, so...what's for dinner?" Flabbergasted, hot and even more tired, I calmly reminded him that the queen and princesses were returning and that we expected the red carpet treatment. Grapes, fans and all! He just chuckled. Ha ha ha.

Well, we pull into the drive, I raised the garage door (this usually brings the boys out to see what's up). No one. I could hear the dog barking. I know they knew we were home. The girls, I mean princesses, and I gathered all the suitcases and bags and pillows and trudged to the front door. Locked. Ugh..I didn't want to fumble for the keys so I rang the door bell. I could see and hear t-bone going nuts! No answer! Come on, now I'm getting p.o'd. It's hot people! Open the dern do....!

The door is thrown open..before me on the foyer floor are two red sheets, the boys ( those pesky boys) are standing on either side with my brooms frantically waving them up and down and laughing hysterically. I walk past the "fans" and hubby is standing there with a tupperware bowl full of grapes..he pops one in my mouth and then does the same to the girls. By this time we are all laughing hysterically. What a return!

Thanks hubby. You always manage to make me smile. Ya got me!

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