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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, I was tagged for this meme twice and so I figured I best do something about it. By both Sarah and Patty.

If you haven't seen it yet, it's the Five Favorite Devotions meme. What's so dern funny is you can find my five here at Prayer4theJourney

Here's a recap, oh and my favorite is at the bottom.

The Rosary

The Divine Mercy

The St. Michael Chaplet (although it's a long one, so I don't say it often enough..but I like to say it with Mother Angelica on EWTN)

The Litany of Humility (introduced to me by Sarah and I've need it ever since)

The Consecration to Mary (or True Devotion by St. Louis De Montfort...this one is a lifelong devotion..not only comprised of individual prayers and rosaries, but a complete consecration of the heart and soul towards our Lord through His beautiful mother. It is something that I labor at daily. Like a long walk up a windy path..not sure of where I am going at times..distracted at times..wholly consumed and straight on at others..)

The only one not on this list and the one I love most of all is Adoration of Our Lord in The Blessed Sacrament. It is here that Jesus teaches me. Sees me. Knows me. I am still learning how to learn from Him, see Him and know Him. I have so far to go.

I am not going to tag anyone else, because most everyone I know has been tagged and also because the ones who haven't have already declared a blog break. But do share your devotions in the comments.


Maurisa said...

Hey, I tagged you too ;)

Great list! I've really enjoyed reading everyone's favorite devotions.

Dawn said...

Maurisa, Thanks for tagging me..sorry I hadn't seen it yet. :)

PattyinCT said...

Thanks Dawn for being such a good sport! You're the best. I guess this game is spreading faster than the bubonic (sp?) plague. But at least it gives people an idea of what's out there for devotions.
I'll have to read up on the dedication to Mary by St. Louis de Montfort. What an awesome thing! Yay!

Sarah Oldham said...

Becos, ve are de best buds, dats vhy. Love you!
Mass offered up for you and another of my friends today. I will do this each time I go to Mass (Thurs. and Sundays).


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