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Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh Baby!

I was invited to attend a baby shower today for a wonderful woman.

She's having her eighth little bundle of joy!

I am amazed at how God trusts us in the cooperation of life.
Yet, how hard it is for us to trust Him with daily struggles.

This family is one of the best families I've ever met
and I was blessed to be able to celebrate with her.

I had a lot of fun crafting these.
Making things for others is always such a joy.

They are really easy..

size 1 or newborn diapers
cupcake papers
disposable tin or basket or whatever
pretty ribbon

open diapers all the way
fold in half lengthwise
roll together, tuck edges
tie with pretty ribbon
pull center upward to desired appearance
put in cupcake paper
give away...

Smile and love a baby. They have no idea why they are here..but they love you anyway.

my precious preteen..just 12 short years ago.


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