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Monday, August 23, 2010

Electronic Meltdowns

So this weekend we had to buy a new washer. The electronic "locking" mechanism broke in our old one and to find the part and replace it would cost almost as much as a new washer.

Bought a Frigidaire Affinity. Front loader. Nice. Energy saver. The Lord knows I need to save energy. I'm not sure how I like it yet. We had it delivered yesterday and have been washing since. 3 days without a laundry machine and the monster rears it's ugly head. I'd post a picture but we had another electronic meltdown yesterday..

The monitor on my computer died. Just refused to come one. Actually if I turned it off and then back on, I would get about a half second of screen time before it went black. I was all ready to post a pic of my brand new washer..so shiny..so pretty..so flippin' expensive..and the monitor craps on the desk.

I just looked at it. C'mon! Really? Hubby, who was playin' the video game (which never seems to have a meltdown EVER) ignored me.

So I turned the thing off, told God I guess he needed me to take a break from the internet and walked out. Me talkin' to God out loud got hubby's attention. He quit playing to figure out why I was doing such strange things..

After researching a dozen stores and websites for a new or used monitor, I discovered hubby looking at t.v. ads. He nonchalantly mentions we could use the t.v. as a monitor. This is something I have been avoiding for a few reasons. Zero privacy. Not that I'm lookin' at stuff I ain't supposed to be! But sometimes I don't want the kids reading my email while they eat their cheerios ya know? And also because it's not an ergonomic situation. I have to sit on the floor or the couch and I don't like either..I'm such a complainer. Hubby made this cute little lapboard for the keyboard and mouse.

So..it will take some adjustments but we have my computer hooked up to our t.v. So I'm posting from the kids laptop in the schoolroom. Go figure.

One of these days I'll get that pic of the washer up..or not. I lost the desire to post about it after I had to wash 10 loads of laundry..I am gonna lose my ever-lovin' mind if them kids don't wear those shorts twice! Give me a break guys!

I hope nothing else breaks. Who is the patron saint of electronics?


Anonymous said...

Just for grins...I googled patron saint of electronics and found this: http://vidicon.dandello.net/
You think it's real? Whatever...when we moved from the midwest to the east, I was w/o a W/D due to the timing of the packers, movers, etc. I can relate to the MOUNTAIN of laundry you must have faced after two days. Hope you can soon see over the heap!!

PattyinCT said...

Man! I fee your pain! My husband once had me in fits of laughter after walking into our home and exclaiming "Is all that laundry ours? It's procreating faster than we are!!" LOL!
Do you like the capacity size of your front loader? I wanted to get that so that I could get stackables (and turn the other side of my laundry nook into a cleaning closet) but Hubby didn't think that it would be big enough to meet our needs? What do you think?

Dawn said...

Mary B- Hooray! It's manageable! Patty - I like the size. I bought the largest front load capacity 4.4 cu ft. The norm looks to be around 4.0 I think that would have worked fine as well, but I was worried about doing sleeping bags from the boys campouts.


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