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Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's a Right!

To life!

I just attended a Right to Life dinner last evening. We were called to do something. Whether it's march, educate, donate or just pray. DO SOMETHING.

The ultrasound I posted in my previous post is of my 10 week old gift from God. God, Our Father, has allowed my husband and I to participate in the creation of this tiny life. We have brought together all the ingredients and He is going to make them into something awesome!

Yet, it's at this time that women are encouraged to abort. To murder a part of themselves. Physically.

One of the quotes from last night was "Two living people walk into an abortion clinic, two come out..one dead, one injured." A baby is attached to it's mother. Physically. Spiritually. Would you cut off your arm? or leg? The Baby is removed VIOLENTLY. There is no other way. They are taken by surprise, SUCTIONED out in the most common abortion procedure "Vacuum Aspiration".

When people do violence to themselves, through cutting, pulling out hair, etc. They are diagnosed with a mental disorder. They are given therapy..they are thought to be in need of "healing". Yet, a woman is ENCOURAGED to do physical violence to herself AND her baby. She is told that what she is doing is GOOD for her. She is not offered any therapy. She is expected to go about her business as if she has just blown her nose and been rid of a nasty cold. Not the deliberate and violent removal of a part of her body that is alive! Growing.

I say that mandatory ultrasounds would save many lives, because it's hard to kill something that you see moving, clearly alive! Heck! some people are squeamish about killing bugs for goodness sake, but the same folks could kill a child (as long as they can't see it).

Show them the truth! Support your local Right to Life organization and Pregnancy centers. Purchase ultrasound machines for them if you can. Or just give what you can. I spent $30 for a dinner last night. That money goes straight to local efforts to educate folks on the truth of life. Is that too much? Yeah, it's hard times..but folks will spend $30 at the movies..at another restaurant..at the mall, and think nothing of it. Your $ could be the little needed to purchase a machine that would save a million lives! Even if just saved one, isn't that enough?

I can't apologize if this post makes anyone feel uncomfortable. Abortion is uncomfortable.

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PattyinCT said...

Beautiful post! And I agree whole heartedly!


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