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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Recipe Swap Thursday

I was at the library day yesterday..Wednesday is library day here..like you really needed to know that..or maybe I just needed to fill some space in this post. Anyhow..........

I was at the library yesterday and picked up this cute little gem

I haven't had a chance to try this yet, but I will be doing just that in the next few days..

If you try it first please leave a comment and let us know whatcha think..


For 1/2 pound of butter you will need

Carrot, 1 medium
Homogenized milk, 1/4 cup
Heavy Whipping Cream, 3 cups chilled
Salt, a pinch

Grater; saucepan, 1-pint; jar or container with tight lid, 2 qt; fine strainer; bowl, 2 qt; buttermold or small serving dish

Prepare coloring by grating carrot and heating it with milk in saucepan. Scald all remaining equipment - jar, lid, strainer, bowl, mold and wooden spoon. Rinse and chill with cold water.

Strain warm tinted milk into jar. Add cream from refrigerator and fasten lid. Shake jar a minute; open lid to release gas, and refasten. Continue shaking, alternating with a partner.

In about 15 minutes the contents will form a thick mush. Continue shaking until contents resembles wheat grains floating in milk (the time will vary with the age of the cream, its temperature, and your shaking style).

Pour contents through strainer into bowl. Empty the milk from the bowl into another container. Turn the butter back into the bowl and cover with cold water. Stir well; strain off and discard water. Repeat washings until water is clear.

With the back of a wooden spoon work the liquid out of the butter by stirring and pressing it against the bowl. Dividing the butter and working half at a time makes it easier. When all liquid has been freed and poured off, work in a little salt, then press butter into mold or dish. Rinse with cold water an chill. Serve later with homemade bread, unmolding if necessary.

So why make butter when you can buy it? 'Cause it's neato!


Therese said...

How fun! May have to save this one for another day! Thanks for participating!

Maurisa said...

We've done this without adding the carrot colored milk. We used just heavy cream and plastic containers with lids. My kids love making butter like this and then spreading their butter on toast or pancakes.

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I believe the leftover liquid would be buttermilk-- at least I recall making buttermilk pancakes from that left over liquid :)


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