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Monday, August 9, 2010

Not so yellow "Yellow" cake

Here's the first pic of the first cake I have evah baked from scratch. It's not so yellow.

Since I'm a box mix girl, I compared this to Duncan Hines, my fav and the only box mix I'll use. I found it to be a little heavier and slightly less moist. Could be the flour I used, all purpose. Next time I'll try a finer cake flour, hoping to produce a fluffier texture. However, this is a great texture for wedding cake. I think it would freeze well and hold up under the pressure of tiers.

The kids all agreed. This was much better, all around, than the box mix. Now to work on that frosting.

Are you a box mix or scratch cake baker? What's your preference for either?


melody said...

I don't care what color it is...I would totally eat it!

I've made from scratch cakes before. I like them but I think everyone is so conditioned to the fluffy box mixes that they prefer what they know. I like cake you can sink your teeth into. Yours looks lovely!

PattyinCT said...

That looks sooo yummy! I love cakes! That looks/sounds like the perfect cake for an Italian fruit cake (layers of yellow cake filled with chopped fresh fruit and brimming with bavarian cream, a specialty at our local grocery store...Although I've never beeen able to save up the calories to purchase one...)

My favorite "from scratch" cake recipe is Memere's Cocoa Mayonaise Cake. I'll post it on my blog later on tonight! Promise! To me, it tastes like the inside of a chocolate glazed donut! Yummy!

Dawn said...

Melody - Thanks! I think you're right about preference.
Patty - can't wait to try that recipe. I think this one would have been even better with a filling. It's so much fun to experiment.

PattyinCT said...

Now...If only I could find a good carrot cake! All the recipes I find have the add-ins...you know...coconut and pineapple. But my husband's favorite is the traditional carrot cake, and I've yet to find one...Hmmm...


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