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Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, Monday..

so good to me...(la la la la la la..) love those Mama's & Papa's!

Lots of folks do the Multitude Monday thing..a little meme about things they are thankful for..I like the meme's 'cause it makes for easy posting, but I'm not a fan of writing down a thousand things..I have to write down enough already..in fact, did I write the doggies appt on calendar? Lemme go check..

Yep! Whew. Couldn't remember and I've already missed it once.

Anyhow..I've been promising the kids a trip to the waterpark (for all their hard work "last" year) but for various and sundry reasons we have been putting it off. Today was gonna be the day (surprise kids!) but when I check the website..it's closed on Mondays. So I guess, Mondays are not so good to me after all. Bowling? Not the same ..huh?

Well, I'll see what I can do. Dunno. We may have to wait until Tuesday.

Made my first cake from scratch last night. I'll try it today. I hope it tastes good. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting. The frosting is too sweet..I have to work on that. It's just a choco butter cream, but I'm starting to not like the butter cream so much. Gotta come up with something new. I'll take a pic and share the taste results after the kids try it. They are the real judge.

Okie dokie..folks..have a wonderful week and I hope Monday is good to you!

1 comment:

Sarah Oldham said...

WHY don't you like that buttercream, huh????? LOL. I get sick on it myself. It's good, but it's too much . . . my kids eat it by the spoonful. YUCK. But, good.

My word verification is holly. How funny is that? Give T a kiss from his daughter. ;)


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