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Saturday, September 11, 2010

I've been Tagged!

Maurisa at Half a Dozen Productions so graciously tagged me in the "10 things that suprise me about me" meme. Umm..here goes..

1. I'm still alive. After a few years of putting my Guardian Angel through hell...(thank you GA!) I wouldn't have made it out of my 20's without you.

2. I homeschool. Never even crossed my mind that I'd be doing such a thing. And loving it. And loving being with my children 24/7 and loving watching them grow and mature and grow closer and fight and drive me crazy and...oh yes, I love homeschooling :)

3. I hate horror movies. Kinda strange since I've read horror books since I my pre-teens and watched Halloween every time it came on HBO. Can't even take the commercials anymore. The closes I get to reading horror is Stephen King and I couldn't make it through his last one The Dome, but only because of the foul language.

4. I blog. Never thought I would be telling complete strangers about my life.

5. I'm on facebook. Never thought I would be there either.

6. I like to be alone in crowded places. Like being at the beach or in a crowded mall. I like to be alone in those places, possibly so that I do not have to feel responsible for keeping track of others. But in general, I like to be around people.

7. I find it easiest to focus on prayer time when I am folding laundry. A job I loathe.

8. I like taking care of people. When I was younger I thought I'd be such a diva, having maids and being rich. No maids, no diva and no maids. I love it.

9. I have a husband who loves me a lot. :) It surprises me everyday.

10. My kids think I'm pretty. That just blows me a way.

so there they are. Weird to try to talk about myself for so long. It got hard after #1. :) Thanks for the tag.

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Anne said...

I did this meme too and also found it to be very hard! I like your list-especially the fact that you love being with your family 24/7.

Sarah Oldham said...

When I made my list, I found it too easy. Huh. ;)

Dawn said...

sarah-I suppose I am just too predictable, even to myself. :)

Sister Sheena said...

thank for your comment in my blog...
have a nice day and God bless you and your family...


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