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Monday, October 25, 2010

What to be..what to be..

looks like we are going with hobo and drama queen. On our evening walk the girls were lamenting their lack of costumes. After tossing a few ideas around..tossing out the idea of buying ANYTHING for halloween..they have begun the creative process.

My oldest daughter, the hobo, is now sewing odd bits of fabric to some old pants so they look "patched". She's made herself a kerchief bandanna. We found some old outdoor tenny's she can cut the toe out of and some colorful socks to interchange.

The youngest, Mr. Pinch, she grabbed one of her sisters dresses and her flashy pink sunglasses. We'll roll her hair and throw on some "really red" lipstick. I asked about shoes..she says absolutely no high heels..but she's got some shiny bits of craft supplies to stick on her shoes.

I love watching their creativity and imagination take hold. I can't wait to see the final products! I'll share pics with ya'll.

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Sarah Oldham said...

I really do think this is the best way to costume - especially when they are young!

I will be honest in that because Nov. and Dec. are two kid's birthday's and Christmas, I do not want to spend money (no costume is inexpensive, but most are cheaply made) on costumes they'll wear once. So . . . many years (lately) I've made them hand out candy rather than go out . . . this year they'll go out in whatever they come up with. I'm not parting with one single penny.


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