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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Going Nuts!

otherwise knows as Pecans Pecans! I wanted to post a pictorial of the whole process for Sarah..but my camera battery died. I am charging it now and should have some photos for ya tomorra!

Needless to say I've managed to pick about 5 lbs of pecans. I'm not sure what the yield will be shelled (my kitchen scale decided to die this week as well) but I'm guessing I've got at least 3 lbs. We'll be eating them up pretty quick with Thanksgiving right around the corner and pecan pie on the menu. As well as pecan crusted sweet potatoes and Amish friendship bread as well.

With pecans going for $5.79 a lb, I'm quite happy with the savings. I'll be out this week to pick some more before the season is all done. I'd like to give some to my family that visits this week. Hey, this state may be known for it's fruit, but it's really the nuts that take the cake(and make the money) around here.

I'm lovin' being pregnant! The baby is moving all over and let me tell ya, there is nothing, I mean NOTHING, like that feeling. It is truly amazing! What's even more amazing is that I can share the entire process with my older children. That makes it truly special to me.

I wish I could have all of you over to the house for dinner on Thursday. I have a big house, though not as big as ol' Pioneer Woman's ranch and definitely not as decked out, but it sure would be fun! Blessings to all of you!


Sarah Oldham said...

I'm sorry I didn't leave a message on your machine, but I just called to share in the joy you're experiencing about the baby.
Love ya, girl.

Our Family said...

Sharing the baby moving with the older kids was an awesome experience.


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