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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Last year I participated in this great little volunteer thingy. It's called the Angel Project. I know, I know..volunteer again? Aren't you already doing that at your church, your kids school etc. Well maybe, but this is soooo easy! You don't even have to leave your own home to make a difference in someones life and it costs pennies! Literally! You can probably pay for this with the pennies in your couch!

From The Angel Project website:

Here is how this works for Volunteers:

1. Email me to sign up to be a Card Angel

2. On or around the Week of December 8th, 2010, I will send an email to all of the volunteers who sign up to be Card Angels. The complete list will not be sent before then.

3. In that email, there will be a link for you to access that will have the names, addresses and stories of all of the people that we will be sending cards to this year.

4. You can print that list if you would like. Once you have the list, then you get your Christmas Cards from a store or make them yourselves (which can be fun!).

5. You fill them out however you would like, address them, put them in the mail, and YAY!!! You've just touched someone's life in a very positive way! :o)

**REMEMBER to get your cards in the mail no later than about December 18th or they might not make it there by Christmas!**

Ya know, this is just too easy. I hope you will join me in this project. To make it even easier, you don't have to leave a comment telling me you will :).

Here's a song line you can hum (if you know the tune...) "It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

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