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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coaster of Life

It's been a long, crazy, absolutely lovely, sad week!
My brother and his family came for Thanksgiving - Start Climbing!
My good friend miscarried at 15 weeks - the first descent (hold your breath!)
Friends from church celebrated Thanksgiving dinner with us - On the way back up!! (Here we go again!)
My friend ended up in the OR and it was too dern scary for a minute - All the way down we go now!(The Screaming starts now!)

Our guest, Michael John Poirier, arrived! - On the climb again!(No time to catch your breath!)
My brother and his family had to head back home!- The final descent(Holy Moly!)
Lovely mini retreat "concert" with Michael and our parish - take that last sharp turn! ( Blood is pumpin')
The retreat is over, the family and friends are back to work..- pulling into the brake house, the ride is over. **sigh**

I thank God for this last weekend. It has been life changing in a way. Oh and did I mention it's Advent! As I wait for the arrival of my Lord, I also await the arrival of our little gift from God. I cannot ever give Him near the joy that He has blessed me with in my children. Because I delight so much in the reaction of the receiver it is a humbling experience for me. He is so patient.

The words from one of Michael's songs have been with me all weekend..

May you be magnified, O Lord.
May you be magnified, O Lord.

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Sarah Oldham said...

What a ride!
You look so cute and pregnant!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...sounds like you really DID have a wild ride. Prayers for your friend that miscarried...


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