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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Strange Things Are Happening..

These are the words to the song from Toy Story. "Strange things are happening to me.." I think Woody sings this one. It's a rather poignant scene where Woody realizes Andy has moved beyond him and discovered Buzz. He sort of feels left out, confused.

I woke up with the song in my head today. This scene replaying over and over again. Did anyone leave me for a mechanical flying wonder with laser lights and a pop up face mask?!?! No...but almost!

My oldest son started working yesterday. He's got a job and a girlfriend too!! Thank goodness he's not driving yet or I'd be a wreck. Emotionally. {pardon the pun)

Actually, now that he has a job, perhaps he can help pay for his driver's course. Then he will be able to transport himself to and from work. That would be nice.

I think it would be best if someone unbiased taught him how to drive. Better for him and for us. It's stressful and we don't live in a big city. Sometimes country roads can be more hazardous. Ya know!

But back to the song..as I watch my boy head off to work "in the real world" and I feel the little new one kick within, it's a very strange experience. I am caught in between. Feeling a little like Woody..(my boy is growing beyond us more and more every day) and a little like Andy..(a wonderful new little boy is arriving so full of promise and excitement!)


Strange things are happening to me..it sums it up. *Sigh*

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Sarah Oldham said...

Not avoiding you (LOL)... Busy and just not feeling well. I will try and call you back today . . . going to Mass, teaching, then taking R to a friend. We'll catch up soon. Love ya!


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