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Friday, December 10, 2010

Courting & all that new love stuff...

It seems I am consumed lately by the activities of my oldest son. In my last post I spoke about his new job and, briefly, his girl.

We got to meet and hang out with his girl last night. He invited her for dinner and family game night. He spent the day getting the house ready..vacuuming and straightening..(I think I like this :D)

We were late picking her up because of traffic (my fault) but the carnations and little birthday cake he brought her made up for it, I think.

We had a nice time getting to know her and she seems to be a very nice young lady. We played a good round of Trivial Pursuit and the two of them won. And no, we didn't' let 'em..in fact, I was po'd 'cause every time hubby and I got a question(we played teams) I had the right answer, second guessed myself and chose another answer. I mean EVERY time! I couldn't catch a break. Ugh. And if you know me, you know how competitive I am. Even with the kids. ;D

It was a pleasant night and I am happy for my son. He's met a nice girl. He's got a great job and he's doing good in school. Keep him in your prayers that he is able to do God's will in his life always.

Thanks ya'll! Happy Advent!

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