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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sharing at Christmas - The Oplatki Tradition

I recently received some Oplatki wafers in the mail from Aquinasand more.com for review. I received a package of 12 wafers with envelopes and the story of The Oplatki Tradition.

I took the wafers to our MCCW Faith Study and shared this beautiful tradition with them.

The tradition stretches back to 17th Century Polish nobility. Oplakti, simple wafers made of flour and water, are beautifully etched with Christmas scenes. The tradition has the family gather around the dinner table on Christmas eve. The Oplatki wafer rests on a white napkin over some greenery, or straw, on a platter. This symbolizes the manger of the Christ Child. The Eldest member of the family then breaks off a piece of the Oplatki and shares it with the family member next to him with kind words of best wishes in the Christmas season. Each member of the family does the same, embracing one another as they share the Oplatki.

This is an opportunity to offer forgiveness as well. Many families talk of how old grudges were healed and family members coming together once more during this simple, but profound tradition.

This is a wonderful, simple tradition you can share with your family on Christmas Eve.

Find out more about The Oplatki here.

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