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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Books, Movies, Music & My Life

Not necessarily in that order.

We've had a busy week around here! What about you? It's not like it's Christmas or anything.

Trying to keep the meaning of the season and the commercialism at bay has not been very easy. The weather has not helped..it's been super cold in the morning..hot in the afternoon and then cool again or windy. Just when you want to start singing "White Christmas" the yard starts turning green in weird patches. So much for feeling like winter.

We did accomplish our school work for the week. This makes me very happy and quite proud of myself. Last year we took an extended Christmas break and felt the backlash long into the new year. This year we worked until yesterday. Since Christmas falls on a Saturday this year, we I didn't really see a reason to have more than 2 days off.

Anyhow, it's done and I didn't even cave when Mr. Pinch only completed half of her History assignment. We worked on it at 5:30 pm last night. Ya know what!!!?? It's Done! Hallelujah. Score one for mom! Mr. Pinch almost cried. Almost. But she kept it together and we got through the discovery and establishment of Jamestown. Whew.

This morning I am letting the dough rise for cinnamon rolls and downloading some FREE music from Amazon.com..check it out here:Believe In Christmas - Holiday Sampler"..

Don't forget to check out the 25 days of Christmas free MP3's here:
25 Days of Christmas FREE MP3's

I also just finished reading C.S. Lewis' Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold. I've carried this book around for years and have picked it up, dismissed it, picked it up again..and this time it stuck. Great Story. I loved it. It's the myth of Cupid & Psyche retold. Lewis brings an entirely new story and heroine to you. It's an amazing read and if you haven't yet, I highly recommend you add it to your winter book list.
Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold

On the movie forefront, hubby and I picked up an old favorite The Toy, with Richard Pryor.

I really needed this laugh. It has it's oops, get the kids out, moment, but well worth the watch if you have the clearplay filters in place. A few cuss words, a few cleavage shots and one scene where a naked woman's body is displayed in a painting.

Overall a great story about love and friendship. Just close your eyes when you see Fancy. :)

The Toy

And of course, It wouldn't be right without Charlie Brown.
Love this one.
A Charlie Brown Christmas (Remastered Deluxe Edition)

So, if you've done all your shopping, trimmed up your tree, baked a thousand cookies, given gifts to all your neighbors..treat yourself to a good book, some free music and a belly full of laughs.

Merry Christmas Ya'll!

1 comment:

Mary B said...

WOW...I didn't know you could get FREE music downloads! Thanks!! Hope your Christmas was Merry and that your New Year is Happy!!


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