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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back in Cyber Space Under Construction

For the last week our internet access has been hit and miss. We finally got access tonight around 6:30 pm! Hallelujah!

The little babe on my sidebar is due in roughly 62 days and we needed a spot to put him. I'm a believer that after 2-3 mos they get their own room, own bed, etc. So, we started trying to plan this out. We have 5 possible bedrooms here, and thought that we might move the oldest boy down to the "spare room". I wasn't a real fan of that because it's sort of our "workout" room right now and I'm not a fan of the kids living downstairs.

So we started looking at how to make it work. Well our bedroom is some 44ft long and almost as wide. There's this little punch out "sitting room" thing that we never use and have talked about walling in. That's what we've done. Here are some pics of the progress. We still have to paint the walls and get the door painted. Buy some baby furniture and get it set up. It's almost done! Painting will be done next weekend when it's warmer here. When Baby gets too big to be "in our room" then we'll rearrange the other kids and turn the new room into our workout room/office or something..but for now it works and adds a possible 6Th bedroom to the house. It's a 9X13 space. Not bad, and we walled it in for under $300!


Sarah Oldham said...

Great job! Family project!!! ;)
At least the room has a window. And, if there is every a point in selling, it can be turned into a second LARGE closet for those Imelda Marcos women that exist. ;)

Our Family said...

Looks good, great job guys.

PattyinCT said...

Hey, I've been wondering where you went:)
Great job on the room, you're constructing inside and out! Hahahah!
My prayers are with you.


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