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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Prom Time

The annual homeschool prom is coming up in March. My son, who has a girlfriend to take this year, really wants to go.

Hubby says boys shouldn't go to prom until their Senior Year. If at all. I say, I went twice. Junior and Senior.

Hubby says he should pay for his tux. I say that's parents responsibility.

Hubby says Prom=nonsense. I say Prom=fun. Fond memories. It makes me smile.

Son says "So? Can I go?"

It's not cheap. Tickets are just over half a Ben Franklin for a couple. Plus transportation, tux rental. It's tight around here these days.

Hubby shakes his head and sighs. "What's the big deal?"
I sigh and think of the awesome pictures of my son all dressed up in a Tuxedo with a pretty girl on his arm. The fun of picking a corsage. ***sigh***

Secretly, Between you and me..I think he's going.


Sarah Oldham said...

I dunno. I went to Jr. and Sr. prom. Nothing "funny" went on 'cos I went with a friend who happened to be a boy (both proms, different boy that was a friend). Wasn't interested in them that way. It's safer - and "I" planned it that way. My sister went with a romantic interest and had bad memories from it (the guy was a jerk to her after and they made out . . . back then, that kind of thing was serious).

LOL! If you can trust your son to be an absolute gentleman, no biggie. If it is about the money and the son as any to put toward it, then split the cost.

The prom isn't about what you want it to be, either. To them it just might be a fun night out to dance and mingle with their friends - not the flowers and the pictures. It's a part of it, but probably not their focus.

Love ya. ;)

Dawn said...

It's always about the pictures! :) There's no other reason to go! Who cares about the dancing and the friends and just having fun?!?! Gentleman? if he's not an absolute gentleman I'll cut his hands off! But, honestly, I do not think I'll have to resort to that with this one.

Sarah Oldham said...

I don't think you'll have to worry about him being a good gent either. :)

I know, for us mum's it is about the pictures. Connor is taking a girl to the Jr. Prom, too. They are just friends.


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