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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am sitting down to nurse El Bambino, iPad on my lap to go over the daily news. I see an alert on the CBS news app and click it. It's just an update about Obama's Afghanistan speech...scrolling thru the other headlines, I notice 3 with a common theme: Mothers who kill their children. Of course I click and read and am horrified and saddened and just....well, Sad.

I do not understand the mental place one must be in to hurt their children, in one case MICROWAVE a newborn, so severely.
I've been stressed out with the kids and even with El Bambino and beating, shaking or otherwise has never entered my mind.

I am saddened for the pain of the little defenseless one, but also for the mother who went to such a place. For the family members who must deal with the excruciating pain of losing two loved ones.

Last night I heard A recording of Jonas Salk, he asked the question "How do we apologize to our children for our profligate and destructive ways?" It makes me wonder if someone is bargaining with God on our behalf, as Abraham did. How bad was Soddom and Gomorrah before He took action? Are we headed for the same?

I don't mean to sound like a fear monger, but goodness gracious! It certainly seems like things are off the deep end for sure.


Maurisa said...

I love the little ultrasound picture with the "If she could see me now, she'd love me forever." but in a world in which mothers are allowed to murder their children inutero, murdering them later is not too far off.

PattyinCT said...

Keep a guard on your heart my dear. I always find that these stories, for whatever reason, are more prominent when I'm either post partum or a nursing mother. I don't know why that is, but I feel like someone is shaking my faith in my love for my little ones. You know who...Screwtape himself;)

Hug that little darling. Give him a kiss for me! And thank God for that gift you hold in your arms. For someday your son will look upon you and thank God in return.

Dawn said...

Thanks ladies. It's good to hear from you both!


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