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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fabulous Photography From a Friend

How's that for alliteration! I wanted to tell you about a good friend of mine from highschool. Back then he stuck out because of his skater haircut and grunge clothes. Today he stands out because of his ability to capture the beauty around him.

Glenn Brogan, Glenn Brogan Fine Art, offers a glimpse of the awe inspiring landscape of the Desert West.

I was the lucky winner of a recent raffle he held and won a 20x30 liited Edition print entitled "Light from Above"

Glenn also does family portraits, wedding photography and high school senior pictures. You can contact him at info@glennbrogan.com

Glen Brogan Photography


Sarah Oldham said...

Beautiful! Could not have been won by a more deserving soul.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful print!


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