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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vegetables and God

I love Veggie Tales. I love Larry the Cucumber. I love silly songs with Larry, like Dance of the Cucumber, Where is my Hairbrush..I love the episode about Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego (sp?) The bunny song is great.

I just discovered El Bambino likes Veggie Tales too! During a recent mini meltdown, big sister put on VT and, like magic, full scale meltdown avoided!

Thanks Larry and Bob! I love ya!


Sarah Oldham said...

Wish I had known this several months before little dude came along . . . I gave my DVD's and VHS' to the chapel. I love VT, too!

PattyinCT said...

Love VeggieTales! I was sad for a while when I found my older boys were "outgrowing" Bob and Larry. Then my middle son happened upon...Larryboy!!! It's great!

If you like the Old School Phil Visher VT's you might want to check out his latest series: Where's That in the Bible? It's a great series and it has all of the traditional Visher humor...I miss that in the more recent VeggieTales.

My hubby still looks at me sometimes and says "Queenypooh, make me a sandwich". Yeah, we both laugh...And then I make that man a sandwich!! Hehehhe:)


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