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Monday, September 5, 2011

Daybook - September 5, 2011

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FOR TODAY September 5, 2011

Outside my window...it is light, but not bright. Overcast. We had much needed rain overnight. You can still hear the foliage begging for more though.

I am thinking...Typing on the iPad is bad for my typing skills. I have grown used to two finger typing. The iPad can be useful for many things. Typing is not one of them.

I am thankful...gosh! For everything. Good brisket. We had that for dinner last night. It was a delicious meal made better because I found that piece of brisket for only 7$! It was small, but just enough for all of us.

From the learning rooms...The kids are on day 3, or so, of week one. We are On a tight schedule this year. Each kid has their own daily sched and I am grading papers over coffee each morning. I am determined to stay on top of things this year. I have a senior this year and I have no udea what to do to get him in college, so I will be doing research on that in the next few days. This is where a guidance counselor works out nicely. Oh well. I guess that's just another job I need to learn.

In the kitchen...I have moved all appliances, but the coffeemaker, off the counters. What a difference! I have scaled back on dishes and pots and pans. Keeping only what we use daily and a few more roasting/ baking pans for when I have guests and need more cookware.
I am loving the uncluttered look.

I am wearing...Still in pj's. Got up late and missed my am walk.. Feeding the baby now, and then I will change and head out while the kids are working.

I am creating...not really creating, but since I've given up on scrapbooking in my efforts to declutter, I am working on putting all my loose pictures into photo albums. I just discovered some more loose ones in my room, so I need to work on that after lunch.

I am going...no where. Well, wherever God sends me, but I have no plans.

I am wondering...why my little guy does not sleep through the night. I feed him full, burp him, put im down around 1130 pm but he's up at 1 am and the. 3 am..like he's starving. We tried some solids, but that has constipated him so we are back on bmilk only. A friend suggested he's just high maintenance. Ugh.

I am reading...The Importance of Being Ernest, Motherless and Please Don't Drink the Holy Water. I like the first one. Motherless lacks cohesiveness and believable characters and PDDTHW is just drivel in my opinion.

I am hoping...El Bambino naps today.

I am looking forward to...my morning walk.

I am hearing...the kids laugh and giggle in the schoolroom. Do they think I can't hear them?

Around the house...dust dust dust.

I am pondering...the meaning of dust.

One of my favorite things...El Bambino.

A few plans for the rest of the week: take care of the dust and keep my sanity. How bout ya'll?


Jo said...

Uncluttered kitchen worktops are lovely. They rarely last, in my opinion, but they're lovely all the same. I hope the little one naps for you and sleeps better. Don't let the dust get you down!

Anonymous said...

Good job on the kitchen decluttering! I need to do that myself. I know there are so many things in my kitchen that never get used. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I like the sound of a decluttered kitchen! Did you get rid of everything or just put it out of sight? I am thinking I could move some pans to the basement that I don't use often...thanks for the encouragement!!


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