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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Daybook - September 14, 2011

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FOR TODAY September 14, 2011

Outside my window...it is dark. It is that curious time when light has not yet touched the horizon, yet the night creatures have stopped their songs.

I am thinking...About how dern selfish I can be. It is good that God puts people in my life that help me see around myself.

I am thankful..for the gift of examination of conscience.
From the learning rooms...We are into week 3 and doing well. I am worried more than I should be about my sons upcoming SAT. I am trying hard not to put my anxiety on him.

In the kitchen...I am making Sunday Gravy today. Using the recipe from The Soprano's cook book..I've made it before and it's delish. It's an all day affair.

I am wearing...In my work out gear. I walk every weekday morning with my neighbor and this week I have started my 10 miles a week challenge. I get home from walking and run two miles on the treadmill. I love the way it feels to push my body to the limit.

I am creating...I need to do school pics this week. oh, and still organizing those photos from last daybook.

I am going...Today is Mass day. I am looking forward to it.

I am wondering...if I want to volunteer for our ladies group regional board. I've been asked and am discerning. pray for me.

I am reading...Still working on Motherless. Picked up Stephen King's Just After Sunset and I know that will drag me in. He had me at the intro.

I am hoping...El Bambino naps today. (Will this ever change?)

I am looking forward to...the sunrise and Mass.

I am hearing...the baby is crying. In fact, he's pretty mad. I suppose I should go get him.

Around the house...laundry day.

One of my favorite things...my coffee cup. My sister gave it to me years and years ago. It's from one of her first duty stations, Diego Garcia. I love it.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Adoration, youth choir practice, lector training tonight. Airport field trip tomorrow. Conference planning meeting on Friday. Kids youth choir retreat on Saturday. Pro-life rosary making on Saturday. Lots to do..lots to do. Have a great week ya'll!


Sarah Oldham said...

Good for you, Dawn (you know to what I refer . . . the delete button can be your friend). Love ya!!!!

I am keeping your son in prayer. SAT isn't your test - it's his, so let it go. Just get him there and let him fly! He'll be fine.

I'm also keeping you in prayer for your exercise, and the regional bit. I'm discerning as well and I think I'm going to put out my nomination. This weekend is the election . . . can't hurt to try!

Love you to bits!

Anonymous said...

Good for you...pushing yourself on the treadmill. I hope the baby napped today!!


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