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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Priests, Saints and A Scorpion.

Yes. I have seen all three things this week! Well, maybe not the Saint. I did watch a television show about Mother Teresa. And of course, I talked to my good friend Sarah. She will be a saint, I'm sure!

This last Sunday, our new priest,Father Joe, was installed as our pastor. I've never seen a ceremony like this and it was very nice. He promised to take care of us and we promised to support him. This was important because we need to be reminded that he is our Priest. Our Pastor. We need to support him so that he can take care of us. Two way street. He's not only a good priest, he's super funny and we are very blessed to have him as our pastor.

So I talked about the saints already..Mother Teresa, Sarah..we are all called to be one! Today is the Feast of All Saints. It's a Holy Day of Obligation. Which means get to Mass today. Make the time. It's important. We celebrate our Church today! Sometimes, at Mass, I can almost see the Saints in Heaven celebrating with us. A good friend and teacher said, there is a thin veil between us and Heaven. It's hard to see through for us. Sometimes it clears..and we can see. The Sanctus is what brings this home for me.

Now for the part you've been waiting for! Scorpions? Yep. Scorpion, to be exact. Just one. Small, but frightening still. In my school room. I though the kids were joking. I was just at the computer entering in grades..I was just sitting there. My BARE FOOT was just where that dern creature is crawling right now!!! We got a jar, the kids had a good look, then promptly left him on the porch...in the jar. He didn't make the overnight temps. I'm not sad. I don't EVER want to see one of those again! Scary.

Off to teach some drama..20 kids..a Christmas production! Busy Busy!
St. Clare, Ora Pro Nobis!

1 comment:

Sarah Oldham said...

I might be a declared Saint one day, IF I get off my incorruptible arse!


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