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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Refresh, Reinvigorate, Renew

If you haven't seen the movie Fireproof and you are married, I highly recommend it. As married couples we all have those desert moments. Your marriage is dry, there doesn't seem to be an oasis in sight and you just don't have the energy to keep looking for one. Maybe your spouse is not as responsive as you'd like. If you've ever used a cordless phone you might understand ..if you don't recharge it, it will shut down. Just like that phone, a marriage can and will shut down if both spouses don't take the time to recharge it.
You are moving along with your daily duties and responsibilities..your spouse is moving as well. Then a harsh word is spoken or a disagreement arises and the flood gates are opened. How long has it been since we had a chat about something other than the bills and the schedule? When did we last spend time together alone? Or go on a date? When was the last time we re-energized our marriage? You find that your battery has been slowing down for a long time and it has finally stopped. That harsh word, the aggravation or frustration you feel because your spouse has not come home on time for dinner or has put work before family. These are the alarms that go off just before the marriage shuts down. Just as the cordless phone beeps at you before it shuts off.
Well, in the movie, Kirk Cameron plays a man whose marriage is in peril, he is challenged to take The Love Dare. And now you can take it as well. Husband or Wife. Even if your marriage is at it's best I challenge you to take The Love Dare and refresh, reinvigorate and renew your marriage this Advent season.

The Love Dare


Journey of Truth said...

I've tagged you for a thankful meme.

Juli said...

I'm going to have to rope my husband into watching this with me. :)


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