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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thoughts And Prayers

What if...

it were your brother on the street
it were your mother or father in the hospital
it were your friends who were hungry
it were your sister who is a drug addict
if was your neighbor, who could not feed their children
it was your best friend, whose marriage was on the rocks
it was a baby out in the cold all night
it was a family member in jail
it was you, whose husband lost his job
it was you, whose home was being foreclosed
it was you, whose children were in need
it was you, who was lonely
it was your family who sleeps in the car
it was your family who eats at the soup kitchen
it was your family who was in need
it was you, who was losing hope

Would it be easier to give? Would it be easier to understand the needs of others? Would it be easier to reach out? Would it be easier to love?

My heart is full of all that I cannot do for others, and I cry out to the Lord, "I am only one, weak and imperfect. Yet, because of your mercy, Lord, I am confident to call on You. O my Jesus, I seek not to fulfill my own wants and desires, but the desires of others, to glorify Your name. You have given to me all that I need. You have left for me the Bread of Life. You have hidden Yourself in a tiny white host and You nurture me with the incomprehensible mystery of it. I empty myself out before You. In Your great Mercy You lower Yourself to my littleness. O how I long to serve You Lord. My Jesus, I love you!"

I felt called to post this intimate prayer today. The birth of Our Lord is upon us. The excitement of this moment is overwhelming me. Thinking about receiving Our Lord on Christmas is causing me so much joy that I think my heart may explode. To hold Him within me for but a moment will be excruciating bliss.

1 comment:

Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

I echo the sentiment. God love you!! It's hard to calm down when you are so filled with LOVE, yeah? Keep smiling, keep praying, keep watching, keep believing, and keep loving. He will give you all you need - and more.


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