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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Of Nerves and E. Coli

Today is the big day! I am going before 11 kids who want to learn how to cook. Whew.. I have prepared a presentation on Kitchen Safety/Hygiene and Safe Food Preparation. I even printed out some cute E. Coli and Salmonella to demonstrate with.

Why is it that I can get up before strange adults and give a presentation but when I think about standing up in front of kids I go all nervous nelly!?!?!?! I do this everyday! No easy task, this is. Ooooh! Maybe I'll go all Yoda on them.


Probably not a good idea, seeing as I don't know enough Jedi speak to get through an hour.

Wish me luck, I hope these kiddos are ready for me! Man! I bet they haven't seen anything like me before! Wow! I'm gonna knock their aprons off! Whoooo boy! Watch out kids! Here I come!



Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

You'll be fine, just don't tie your apron strings too tight! You know what you're doing - do it! Oh, and smile! I bet you get through it without one uttered, "Son of a cracker jack!"

Michelle K said...

Knock em out wiht your cute E-Coli!

+JMJ+ said...

Love the visual of you going "Yoda" on them! What a great class! Wish we lived near each other.


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